Daniel Jacobs Planning for Canelo fight on 4th May

Daniel Jacobs Planning for Canelo fight

Daniel Jacobs, “The Miracle Man,” how most call him is planning for the biggest fight of the year on May 4th. He fights Canelo Alvarez, the middleweight champion in a fight that is promising to be the best. For Jacobs, this may be a difficult fight, however beating cancel was big, this should be a piece of cake.

The Brooklyn native has been training very hard since the fight was determined. Jacobs wanted a top shelf fighter, he wants a challenge. In 2011, he was diagnosed with bone cancer, and he did not fight for 19 months.  He was told he would never walk again, however, the champ proved the doctors wrong. After his cancer surgery, Jacobs was in the gym a week after. This tells you how strong willed he truly is. There’s a strong and tough training regimen he goes through to train though. Jacobs gets the best strength training and conditioning on Earth. His training is very intense and will help his performance.

Most boxers will wake up early in the morning and go for a run. Jacobs will get up very early and run 4-6 miles. He will then go home, eat breakfast, rest, and go to the gym in the afternoon. When he goes to the gym, he’ll either spar, floor work, hitting the bag or pads, jumping rope, and other regular workouts he does. His training is more involved is that in which he gets his mind and mental focus on point. He feels that he is in shape already, but mentally, he has to get focused.

He makes sure everything is fine-tuned before the fight. He has the help of his coach and trainers too. His trainer and him have a father-son relationship and Jacobs goes through a 10-week training camp to prepare himself. He also follows a strict diet as well. Jacobs says that he is just simply pushing himself to the limit. He won’t let his son down by failing. Jacobs is ready physically says his trainer and getting him ready mentally is the challenge he faces.

Jacobs says he is very confident in himself for this fight. He says he’s ready for whatever Canelo has in store for him on May 4th. Jacobs trainer said that Jacobs is really aggressive, and he has a package that is not like any other boxer. Canelo has never fought anyone like Jacobs, so he may not be ready for what Jacobs has for him.